The Instructor Candidacy Program (ICP) is designed to give opportunity and experience to the next generation of teachers. Once selected, candidates spend years in the classroom with faculty and senior instructors helping students learn to see and do the work of Structural Integration. Additionally, the tight-knit faculty of the Guild act as mentors to the candidates and may recommend certain projects or areas of study for each candidate individually. To uphold our standard of excellence in teaching, we hand-select assistants who have met the requirements below to enter into the ICP.  

Requirements to Become a Candidate


-   Assist in two or more Basic Trainings previous to being voted in

-   Must be voted in by faculty 

-   Must attend one or more continuing education courses per year

Current Candidates

Shiho Sato

Shiho is an active practitioner of Structural Integration and teacher of Naturopathy in Sapporo, Japan since starting her practice of bodywork and wellness education, Rolf Balance, in 2007. After a 15-year career in Physical Therapy specializing in central nervous system disorders, Shiho was influenced by the pivotal and delightfully awakening trainings of admired teacher Emmett Hutchins. Shiho earned her Practitioner of Structural Integration Certificate from the Guild for Structural Integration in 2007, and continued on to earn Advanced Practitioner certification in 2009. In 2010, Shiho translated and published A Dynamic Relationship to Gravity by Edward P. Maupin in order to expand the awareness of Structural Integration in Japanese wellness culture. Shiho seeks to continually broaden and develop her skills with clients, supporting their wellness using classical Structural Integration principles, as well as coordinating and teaching specific topic-focused workshops.

Weston Horne

Weston grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and currently lives in the Sugarhouse area. He first got into healing by attending and graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT). However, UCMT was only the beginning. This was the gateway into which introduced him to Structural Integration--his passion. Since then he traveled to Boulder, CO, to pursue his training in Structural Integration as a practitioner as well as Kauai, HI. He also traveled back to Hawaii to achieve his Advanced Certification in Structural Integration which he has brought back to SLC.

Along the way Weston has had the chance to learn from many different and respected leaders in the natural health field, including master herbalists, energy healers, advanced structural integration practitioners, doctors, nutritionists and many others. He has traveled to multiple cities in the United States to learn from world-renowned certified nutritionists and always continued his education.  

Currently Weston owns a private practice in Sugarhouse where he provides education for health and wellness. He performs Structural Integration, Bio-kinetic Testing, and herbal cleansing work for his clients. Weston loves the opportunity to be in the classroom at the Guild for Structural Integration as an Assistant Instructor and serves on the Board of Directors currently as the Treasurer. He whole-heartedly enjoys teaching as well as learning from his students— because there is always more to learn.